Dance Doctors Testimonials

Johnny & Frances Coffman

Business Owners

We started Dancing for our daughter’s wedding. It has made us happy, and we enjoy something new with Nick!

Keith & Janet Bruce

Executive Director of Breckenridge Village and Media Library Specialist (Boulter M.S.) We wanted to have fun and be more active at social events, so we Started Dance Doctors. Dancing is a fun couple activity, and it helps us get exercise. Nick is creative, patient, and knowledgeable. He makes it enjoyable with a personal connection.

Kirk & Maelen Bynum

Civil Engineer & Housewife

We started (Dancing) to have a mutual hobby and feel confident on cruises and other vacation outlets. We have made new friends and now have moments to laugh together. We would even rate (Dance Doctors) as a 10!

Kris Hampton & Johnny Speake

Owner of Smarteze Tutoring & J&S Sand & Gravel

We started dancing for our wedding. We have benefited by learning the proper knowledge to be confident in social situations. We also enjoy learning the different styles of dance. Although we started for the wedding, we stayed for the awesome teacher.

Lynn Marrow & Mark Atkinson

Psychiatrist & Professor

"We've made new friends, had fund, and learned something we can do for the rest of our lives. Nick has a great sense of humor and makes it fun to learn. The parties are a supportive, encouraging environment to practice what you've learned"

Mike & Pam Jones

Lawyer & Homemaker

We have enjoyed doing something as a couple and the fellowship with others They teach dance without pressure and make you feel good about what you do.

Mike & Sonia Peterson

City Government Employees

We enjoy life more, make new friends, and dance for the rest of our lives. Nick is outstanding, patient, professional, and a fun instructor. Innovative teaching techniques make classes fun from the very first lesson. If patience is a virtue then Nick must be a saint! Ha! Saint Nick!

Ray & Linda Sikes

Teacher & Gallery Director

We're able to dance the rest of our lives, and make new friends. Lessons have been very helpful, Nick is a wonderful teacher.

Reed & Patricia Franklin

Real Estate Investors

We have learned to ballroom dance well enough to feel comfortable even if we are the only couple on the floor. Have also made some great new friends, including 'the Doctor' himself. Our lessons are well structured and paced based on our abilities and age restrictions- Nick is very professional! The Wednesday dances are great. Nick is there to help as needed. Plus, we learn from watching other, better dancers. Socially, it amounts to two dates a week- pretty good for a 72 & 70 year old couple.

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